Prepare rose milk at your home | Summer milkshake


Hello, everyone today we are looking to update the new category of Milkshake and cool drinks at your home. Rose milk is the favorite drink in India, people will like to drink rose milk in the summertime. It looked pink color and rose flower fragrance. Rose milk is one of the drink made up of pure milk.

Ingredients to make rose milk at your home

Method for making a rose milk drink

Step 1: Take the milk and measure up to 2 glass. Note the milk should be in cold not hot. Pour the milk in the mixer grinder.

Step 2: Add the sugar into the rose milk and take the rose milk essence.

Step 3: Also, measure the rose milk essence up to 1 to 2 drops and add into the milk.

Step 4: Then mix the milk along with the sugar and essence in the mixie. Now the tasty Rose milk is ready.

External benefits of this method.

Slicing the milk in the mixie, It became thicker and get more foam, Cold milk brings the original experience while drinking rose milk. You can add some extra rose milk essence drop to get dark pink but not much more.

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