Hyderabad dum fish biryani recipe


Hyderabad special dum fish biryani recipe is also a biryani recipe. Basically biryani is very famous in India also the Hyderabad biryani was also very famous than other biryani because of its taste and style. There were many varieties of biryani to prepare for the dinner like mutton, chicken, veg, cauliflower biryani, dum biryani, Kadai biryani, pawn biryani, and fish biryani. The fish biryani is a different creation of recipe which is prepared in India. The fish biryani is mainly prepared by vanjaram fish (Seer fish) or other big fish because it was such a reasonable issue I will tell you in the next article. Now we are gonna try the fish biryani by following these steps.

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Prep time: 20 minutes | cooking time: 40 minutes | serve: 5 members

Ingredients to make fish biryani

Vanjaram fish (seer fish)
Basmati rice – 3 cups
Onion – 5
Coconut milk – 1/2 cup
Curd 250 cupதயிர் 350
Oil – 3 எண்ணெய் 3 ஸ்பூன்
Ghee – 1/4 cup நெய் 1/4 கப்
Red chili powder – 2 spoon
Biryani masala – 2 spoon
Green chilli paste – 1 spoon
Ginger and garlic paste – 2 spoon
Lemon – 1
Cardamon, elavangam, ellachi, Biryani leaves.

Steps to prepare Hyderabad fish biryani

Wash the fish and apply with red chilli and salt. Then fry the onion with a little bit of oil. Take another pan and add ginger, garlic, green chilli paste, salt, biryani powder, red chilli powder fried onion, and lemon. After this step, add the curd in the pan and cook it slowly.

Add the fish pieces along with the ghee, mint and keep sepeate it for aleat 1 hour.

Take one another pan and pour the water, add the elavangam, cardamon, ellachi, biryani leaves, mint and heat up for a few minutes. then add the basmati rice in the boiling water which is prepared in the previous step. Finally, filter the water from the rice and keep it separate.

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Add the ghee and prepared fish substance in the biryani pan. Must pour the coconut milk in this step because it an make your recipe taste and equal sweetness and hotness. In the biryani pan, add the basmati rice along with Kesar, Kesari powder, fried onion.

Please make sure in this step – Place the dosa thawa in the burner and heat it up and place the biryani pan beyond the dosa pan. First 10 minutes you must raise the heat and next 10 minutes reduce the heat and keep it in sim. After the excess of dum, the tasty dum fish biryani is ready to serve.

You can also eat this fish biryani along with the curd because of 2 things, one reason is it would control your body heat and another is better sidedish.

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