Prepare Chettinad paneer gravy masala | Panner masala recipe


Welcome, to our food blog today, now we are going to learn about Chettinad paneer masala recipe in this article. However, Chettinad food always has a crispy and spicy and amorous taste because these types of food have traditional tastes. Approximately Chettinad paneer masala also has a decent name between all food recipes. paneer masala is a portion of vegetarian food that we are love to eat much more and it contains a pure panner and rich taste. It is a side dish recipe to eat along with chapatis and poori etc. please support me and share my article with your friends.

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Ingredients to prepare paneer masala recipe:

  • Paneer 250 grams
  • Tomato paste
  • Onion paste
  • Urad Dal ( black dhal)
  • Fenugreek seeds ( Vendiyam) – 1 spoon
  • Biryani leaves – 1
  • Coriander leaves
  • Curry leaves
  • Salt
  • Oil
    • Dry red chilli – 4, pepper -10, seerakam 1 spoon, cashew nuts – 10, Ginger – 1, garlic 10 pieces, Turmeric powder 1 spoon, Fenugreek seeds.

Steps to make paneer masala recipe:

First of all, slice the panner into small size wheater vertical or in horizontal. Put the slicing ingredients into a mixie and grain it well. keep the pan on the stove and pour the oil, then put the fenugreek seeds, urad dhal, curry leaves, biryani leaves etc and cook this in slow heat. after this, add the onion and tomato paste and cook it slowly until it gets deep dry and average colour. Then add the sliced masala into the pan and mix the masala. pour the water that you want to add into the masala but don’t pour more quantity of water.

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After some minutes add the salt into the masala and put the panner pieces into the pan. Note this, you cannot raise your stive heat while cooking in this step because if the pan has overheated the entire masala and panner will become torn or blackish colour After the masala became to gravy split the coriander leaves into the panner masala. finally, the panner masala gets over. you can serve up to 2 to 3 members.

Some extra alternative optional tricks:

You can add the milk before adding the panner into the masala. Y can add also green chilli into the masala after adding the panner. You can put the paneer into the hot water for 10 minutes to get better soft and smooth. Also, add some bit of butter before adding fenugreek seeds because adding butter can give the restaurant taste. it is not recommended but you like this flavour can add ghram masala or panner masala which is available in the provision store. or watch this tutorial.

Conclusion: I have been worked very hard for making this article for you. if you get any doubts can comment below or if you tried this by my method please share your feedback here.

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