How to prepare a Cold boost – Special drink in summer


Summar cool boost drink | Homemade drinks | Preparing guide in 5 minutes

Cold boost drink?: Hi, we are back on the track to exploring the cold boost homemade preparation with complete step by steps. Why cold boost is so important nowadays such far?

In the summertime, our children want to drink some cool drinks like choco flavor or some other else. So, the cold boost will replace the thing which Childers worrying in the summertime.

Steps to prepare the cold boost drink:

First, take the milk and make it so thick or thin taste and turn off the stove

Then, Take 3 spoons of boost powder and take 3 spoons of sugar with medium quantity

Mix the boost powder, sugar with the milk and keep it in the fridge for some minutes

After, 20 mins take the boost from the fridge and pour it in the cup

Have a tasty and delicious drink on summer


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