Prepare a tasty srivilliputhur palkova sweet in tamil| Samayal kurippugal


Hello, today we are going to watch how to prepare palgova in very tasty. this srivilliputhur palkova is especially very famous between all types of palgova. Khova bhath is a sweet which is fully made up of pure milk and rich sugar ingredients. there are two types of palgova namely, solid palgova and powder-based palgova. today we have to see about two types of palgova.

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Ingredients to prepare khova bhath (palkova)

  • 1-litre milk
  • Milkmaid 100gm
  • Badham
  • lemon
  • cashew nuts

Steps to prepare palkova (khova)

First, take the 1 litre of milk and add one lime juice into the milk and keep on the stove in medium heat and mix slowly. if you do like this for 10 minutes the milk will become a palkova.

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Then, filter the milk and take the floating solid part of milk and keep it separate. take the frying pan and add that part of the separated solid milk. mix it well in medium heat and add milkmaid essence in the palkova. cook for 5 minutes.

Now, the palkova has been cooked successfully and decorate with the cashew nuts and Badham and serve with sweetness.Thanks for the video tutorial making @Namba veetu kitchen

I hope you have enjoyed this to make this recipe by my article. please visit again to get more recipes.

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