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Welcome to our food blog, as we are entered into a new minor role in recipes that is the variety of chutney. Nowadays there are many types of chutney which are prepared at your home. Groundnut chutney has a special taste and place in the side dish foods. Today we are going to see how to make groundnut chutney at your home. Let’s go to the topic.

Ingredients to prepare groundnut chutney:

  • Roasted groundnut – 200 grams
  • Salt
  • Tamarind – 2 pieces
  • Red chilli – based on spicy of the chilli
  • Garlic ( optional )

Steps to prepare groundnut chutney

First of all, take the roasted groundnut and put it into the big size cleaning plate and remove the skin of the groundnut by using rice bar. Then keep the cleaned groundnut into a bowl.

After cleaning the groundnut, put into the mixie jar along with red chilli, salt, tamarind. Now you have to slice the cooking material which is inside the mixie. Slice the ingredients slowly and add a little bit of water and slice it. then this process again ” slice and add a little bit of water.

Note this: you must add a little bit of water while slicing in the mixie and your chutney must look like a paste.

Take a frying bowl and place it on the stove in sim. Pour the oil and put mustard seeds then, curry leaves into the frying bowl. After the mustard and curry leaves are fried, then switch off the stove and recover the pan.

Final step: Take the chutney and mix with the fried mustard seeds and curry leaves in the same frying bowl. Now, your choice if you want to the chutney in liquid add some more water. If you want solid chutney don’t want to add water on it.

Special tips: You cant add too more water while slicing the groundnut in the mixie, if you do like this then your chutney may be lost the taste and color. If you want to add garlic in the chutney, then slice the garlic along with the groundnut.

Almost done: Now your groundnut chutney will ready to serve with dosa or idly.

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