Egg Manchurian recipe in 5 minutes | Egg recipe


Introuction: Here we are heared about manchurian like gobi manchurian, mushroom manchurian and chicken manchurian ect. Egg manchurian is also like same as these recipes. Egg is very usefull to gain our body and it have more protien power. Probably it will give more taste and gain healthy body as well as get perfect sidedish for your dinner. 

Important notes: 

Served type: 4 | Cooking time: 25 mins | Preparing time: 40 mins

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Steps to prepare egg manchurian

  • Egg – 4 
    Pepper powder and salt ( your choice)
    Maida powder – 1/4 cup 
    Corn flour powder – 1/4 cup 
    Chilli powder – 1/2 spoon 
    Garlic paste – 1spoon 
    Ginger paste – 1 spoon 
    Onion – 1 
    Capsicum – 1 
    Chilli sauce – 2spoon 
    Tomato sauce – 2 spoon 
    Soya sauce – 1 spoon 
    Spring onion leaves – small quantity 

Steps to prepare manchurian recipe: 

Step 1: Chop the capsicum, spring onion, and onion into medium size. and also take 1 spoon cornflour powder and add 1 cup water. Then dissolve these into that mixture. 

Step 2: Take a bowl or pan along with turmeric powder, salt and break the egg and mix these particles into this pan.

Step 3: After that, pick the idly baking cooker and apply the oil inside the cooker and put the mixed egg particle which has prepared in the previous step. Bake it for some minutes.

Step 4: After the egg bake, cut the baked egg into medium size.

Step 5: Take another bowl and add the maida powder, cornflour powder, chilli powder, salt, water and mix like bajji flour. then apply mixed flour in the egg gently. now fry the egg flour into

Step 6: So far, place the frying pan in the stove and pour the oil, ginger, garlic paste and cook slowly.

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Step 7: After the deep cooking, put the onion into a frying pan and add capsicum. Note the ( Don’t fry the onion and capsicum deeply)

Step 8: Finally, pour the sauce and egg flour into the pan and cook until it gets thick. Now add the fried egg into the pan and split the spring onion into the pan.

Step 9: At last the tasty egg Manchurian ready to serve.

Conclusion: I hope you will get this guide to cooking egg Manchurian at home. If you have any doubt please ping me or comment below and we will response soon in 24 hours


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