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Dosa – The south Indian most favorite dish

The Dosa is a food item which is very famous in Tamilnadu. It was prepared by the rice and black gram by the family of pancake. Averagely, many hotels have the dosa in first place in their menu card. This food was served with a sambar and chutney. Featuly there has many varieties of dosa in Tamilnadu like Kal dosa, uthappam dosa, onion dosa, veg dosa, pepper dosa, etc.

Ven Pongal – A meanwhile food item of Tamilians

Ven Pongal was the early eating breakfast in restaurants. The word Pongal refers to the substances which are boil over the bowl is called Pongal. Pongal was considered as a main dish for morning breakfast. It has many varieties like ven Pongal, Pongal, sakarai Pongal, etc. Pongal was served with the side dish like sambar, vada, chutney, etc.

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Mushroom biryani – A delightfull of lunch

Biryani, when a hear a biryani word suddenly our tongue was fulfilled with saliva because all the Indians likes biryani very much. The veg peoples like veg biryani and non-veggies like non-veg biryani so there is no common comparison for this food too. Mushroom biryani is really very healthy for our health and also be veg food. Biryani was prepared with many ingredients such as gram masala, green chili, masalas, curd, etc. It is the perfect food for lunch and dinner.

Curry leave rice (curry rice) – A healthy food for our hair and body

Curry leaves are mainly used to prepare all types of food for its flavor and taste, Curry leaves will help to grow up our hairs and make our hairs dark and black. Then it will destroy the white hair in our head. Curry leaves rice is an alternative food for lemon rice and turmeric rice. This food is very healthy for us but many peoples even don’t know about this food and some few hotels are serving this food in our country. So, my advice is please eat this food at least once in a week to get healthy hairs.

Vada Curry – A sidedish from a side dish

Vada curry was the side dish which peoples will eat with idly, dosa, poori, etc. And the vada refers to the snack item which is prepared for the snacks in the morning and evening. It also looks better and tasty for eating with the breakfasts. The channa dhal is the main ingredient for preparing vada curry and it was very famous in south India. If you didn’t eat this item in your life span then try to eat this item once you can like it more than other foods.

Poori – The best breakfast for the refreshers

The word poori makes you very happy and excited to eat because of its simplicity and taste. Normally the poori was served with the vada curry or any other, but the perfect pair for poori is the potato masala. It makes me very hungry. Chola poori also a poori looks the same as the normal poori but cholla poori make by maida powder and it is bigger in size.

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Idly – A only one favorite dish for all

Idly was a portion of food by the parent category of rice cakes which is famous in china and japan. Something was very special in the food. It was so smooth and easy to eat. Still, now no foods can replace the idily place in south India because of its special place. Sambar and chutney was the family side dish for idly. But the fact is, It was prepared by the method for making dosa.

Conclusions: Finally, I have finished this article with the best breakfast item., dinner recipes ,do These are the foods which are suggested by me for breakfasts and If you have any idea or like to add some more food name kindly comment below with your suggestions.

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